Board Meeting Today, 10/13/17 3pm 6406 E Chelsea St, Tampa, FL 33610. Two Agenda Items 1. Approval of Out of Field Letter 2. Board Meeting Schedule

Through Collaboration

If your child is in need of a hands-on, individualized, interactive learning environment, we have good news. We are excited to introduce Collaboratory Prep. Collaboratory Prep is a K-2 Preparatory Charter School that will be opening THIS fall, August 2017.

Our Vision:

To create a supportive and challenging environment that develops character driven, culturally literate, life-long learners who bring value to their community.

Our Mission:

To develop learners' full and unique potential, preparing them for high school, college and career by delivering a world class education that fosters academic excellence, critical thinking, creativity, and a passion for learning through collaboration and hands-on study.

Board Information

Board Members: Trey Traviesa, Suzanne Legg, Darren Curtis and Dr. Kevin Scott.

Board Meeting Schedule

-10/30/17 8:00am 6400 E. Chelsea, Tampa, FL, 33610 -12/11/17 8:00am 6400 E. Chelsea, Tampa, FL, 33610 -3/5/18 8:00am 6400 E. Chelsea, Tampa, FL, 33610 -6/4/18 8:00am 6400 E. Chelsea, Tampa, FL, 33610

We are now accepting all enrollments. All Hillsborough County residents are welcome to apply. Applications submitted after May 30th will be placed on a waiting list.

*If enrollments exceed number of seats available, a lottery will be held in the first week of June. Families will be contacted by June 15th as to their enrollment status.

Child's Full Legal Name:

Your child will be registered for the Lottery Drawing for the grade you select here. Please be sure it is accurate.

By checking below, you agree that the 2017-2018 grade entered above is the correct grade for the 2017-2018 Lottery drawing. If the wrong grade is submitted, it could affect placement of your child in the correct grade. *

Mailing Address

Please use proper capitalization when filling out the name fields. (ex: "John Doe" not "john doe")

Please verify spelling, capitalization, and full name of city. (ex: "New Port Richey" not "npr" or "NPR")

The phone number must be entered in the following format: XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Please note: An email address is required to submit a Lottery Registration form. You are able to set up a free email account through services such as Yahoo or Google. If this is still not an option, please contact our Student Services Department at 727-857-6922.

Are either parent/guardian an employee or Board Member of Collaboratory Prep? *

Please note only full or part time employees are eligible for employee status when submitting a Lottery application. Substitutes do not meet this criteria and therefore do not qualify for employee status when submitting a Lottery application.

Does this applicant have any school age siblings (grades Kindergarten - 11th) who are CURRENTLY enrolled at Collaboratory Prep? If 'Yes', please complete name(s)/grade(s) below.*

To answer 'Yes' the students MUST have the same parent(s) OR have legal documentation of guardianship to the same person/parent.

Do you currently have any other school age siblings residing in the house who are NOT currently enrolled at Collaboratory Prep that you would like to enroll for the 2017-2018 school year?*

If you answered Yes above, please enter each sibling below. Please be advised that in addition to listing siblings below, you MUST complete a Lottery Registration form for EACH sibling you would like to register for the Lottery Drawing.

By checking below, you understand that other siblings who you would like to enter into the Lottery Drawing must have a separate application completed for EACH sibling to be entered into the Lottery Drawing for the 2017-2018 school year. *
Please read and agree to the Terms of Registration below: *

Please be sure to scroll through and read the entire Terms of Registration section.

By entry above, you are agreeing that all information entered on this form is true and correct, that you agree to the above information, and this entry will be considered your electronic signature.

Employment Application

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